Catalytic Converter Types

Here is our list as to how we grade your catalytic converters. We will price them according to this category. If these names do not make sense then just ask what category your catalytic converter falls in. We will give you the quote applicable to the catalytic converter in question. Call as they fluctuate with the market. You will see on the home page that we have a real time reflection of the market quotes for each metal that is contained in most catalytic converters and what drives their prices.

GM Tube
Lg Breadloaf
Sm Breadloaf
4 Dot
AC Squares
Small Flow
Fish Tail
Sm Chrysler/SE
Lg Chrysler
Low Grade Foreign/Lg Cast
Pre Foreign/Sm Cast
Sm Foreign
Lg Foreign
Honda O2 Sensor
Sm Wire
Med Wire
Lg Wire
Single Bead
Double Bead
Bomb/Torpedo NewBomb/Torpedo Old
DieselSpecial Diesel

Call today to get a quote on your converter or collection of converters.  The more you have the more we are willing to give for each item.

If you have Wheels, Radiator or Batteries, we will buy them as well but you must have at least one converter to go with them.

Call or email us today so we can set up a time to meet.

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